lessons in romantic pain (pulse_fairy) wrote,
lessons in romantic pain

lets wrestle

here is a picture of the black forest gateau cupcakes i made for the jumble sale. doesn't do the them justice but whatever.

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om nom nom
awww i love that you used that icon! vegan too :D
oh my goodness!! those look amazing!
They look absolutely delicious! Yum yum yum indeed!
thank you! if you are into baking, which i know you are, you should try them. not that expensive to make actually, and very tasty!


7 years ago


7 years ago

by the way, I was planning on going to that jumble sale, but this dissertation has taken over my life for now. hope it went well?
no worries. i know what dissertation fever is like! hope its going well.

it was okay, the actualy set up was brilliant, but turn out was poor. going to try to make it a regular thing though, so it was good to see where we could improve. i am thinking of it as a sort of trial run.

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vegan too! you should try making some if you have time. they aren't super difficult to make with practice, but they do take a super epic amount of time. but worth it!
Hot damn they look good.
thank you!

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vegan too! the recipe is in the cupcakes take over the world book!
make some more and post them to me yeah?
well i think the jumble sale i made them for will be a regular thing, if i get round to organising one, so you should come to one...which would save a lot of postal squashing i imagine!