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self improvement, self importance; a bible of the self [entries|friends|calendar]
lessons in romantic pain

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[09 Oct 2012|06:51pm]
people-i need some new livejournal chums! pimp yr friends out to me please. only like, five, of my 80 zillion lj buds ever updates anymore, and it makes me sad.
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[27 Aug 2012|08:31pm]
yo. posted things on ebay if anyone fancies a ganders. x

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[28 Feb 2011|10:18pm]
can someone explain this thriftstoreuk thing. i just got an email aying i can't post cos i have no feedback. but how can i get feedback without selling something?
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[28 Feb 2011|12:46pm]
selling stuff online if anyone wants to check it out.



there's loads i haven't even posted yet...so ask and maybe i'll have it!!

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[12 Jan 2011|11:35am]
funding for MAs. there appears to be like a million different people to apply to. can everyone tell me who they applied to, and by when?
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give me instructions i can't understand [05 Nov 2010|11:14pm]
some recent photographs




nighttimeCollapse )

right now i am terrified of you. don't be another ghost to haunt my waking hours, to waltz through my sleep. please.
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[20 Oct 2010|10:19pm]
Q: which gender?
A: who thinks its cute and not mad when they see me stagger around the bedroom, dancing, typing, laptop on one arm, marzipan stick in the other, probably in my underwear or pjamhas or halway between, with my hair orange and listenin to idk thermals sleater kinney q without u like i was earlier.
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[21 Sep 2010|01:06am]
add me! if you are so inclined...


also, leave me a comment here so i know who you are!
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i'm going to be posting this every week until it happens so forgive me [21 Sep 2010|12:15am]

its my baby!
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losing touching searching [16 Sep 2010|11:59pm]
still haven't updated about london or edinburgh! i have so much to tell but words are really failing me currently.

i just won these shows on ebay!

not that i need more high heels really....

i found some old rolls of film and got them developed. this is the best out of a patchy bunch.






summer beforeCollapse )
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[11 Sep 2010|10:49pm]
"When you read this you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you!"

alone on saturday night. just chillaxin after another interminable day at the coffee shop. there is a warehouse party, but as usual, i have no one to go with. ho hum.
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[09 Sep 2010|05:11pm]
back from london tuesday. have a terrible cold amongst other things.

but apart from that i am currently obsessed with photographing the glasgow skyline.

these are from the past month







cataclysmic driftCollapse )
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[28 Aug 2010|12:45am]
yo! i am selling stuff so i thought i'd post it here too just in case any of you are interested. please feel free to ignore it if yr not.


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[17 Aug 2010|02:09pm]
i had sunday off last week, which i acheived by making a complaint that apart from holidays i've booked (two) and the one time i called in sick, i have only had one sunday off since i started.

so i had last sunday off, and the sunday coming off. so saturday night i went out...took a bit of a risk and went somewhere i've never heard of before/no one else i know has been. went out with greg and his girlfriend which was okay, and not too third wheely. went here...

it was blinding. it was one of the best nights i have been to in glasgow. the club la cheetah is new, and its just a tiny low ceilinging room under a pub, with a tiny bar, so fucking smoky, SO LOUD, a few leopard print seats scattered about, and just one neon sign saying la cheetah.

the first guy on was data rape who was amazing. he was just some wee speccy guy twisting knobs- as it should be. you can enjoy his beats here. http://www.myspace.com/datarapebeats which i am currently doing.

the djs were only okay, the second guys mixing was pretty rudimentary, and they played stuff that was too housey or too techno pour moi. but the next guys on were squires of gothos, playing a mix of electro, bass, garage, dubstep.... and i danced solidy from 1am to nearly 3. i was dripping buckets, jumping around and grinning like a lunatic. i was almost pretty much sober. i had quite a few gins beforehand but i was just drinking water when i got there. everyone there was mashed off their tits, seriously mental atmosphere. (i mean it was one of those nights where complete strangers won't stop coming over to hug you and dance with you, and some of them even invited greg back to their house after.) and even though it wasn't that packed everyone was dancing like crazy. they were seriously amazing. honestly. i really want to go see them in edinburgh in two weeks. it was that amazing. the stuff on their myspace doesn't do them justice really, but you can admire their record covers...i mean they have got this really old school sound that has nothing to do with dance music now, one of them even has short hair with two or three sort of terrible dreadlocks and reminded me of kathy burke. haha. but it was exactly what the doctor ordered. the last dj played for the last half hour and played far too much banging techno for my liking however. we walked back through the warzone that is glasgow on a sat night and i was buzzing.

http://www.myspace.com/thesquireofgothos i really like triple drop.

sunday it was super sunny and my dad phoned me at ten am. i had made a big deal out of the fact i had a sunday off the week before, and my sister was off too so instead of just going to my grandpas in the evening like i do most sundays my dad drove my grandpa, sister, uncle colin and i to greenock.

it was beautiful. i cycled my dad's bike to the end of the esplanade, and i saw a huge jellyfish. also i ate a whole packet of lemon jammie dodgers. full marks! it was an excellent weekend.





i touched yr hometownCollapse )

i was tired when i got home so i just lay in bed looking at beautiful shoes online and watchin the l word.

anyway i am off to buy my train tickets to london...and to get my bike fixed!
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lets wrestle [16 Aug 2010|01:37am]
here is a picture of the black forest gateau cupcakes i made for the jumble sale. doesn't do the them justice but whatever.

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[11 Aug 2010|02:10am]
just a quick post to say if you didn't already know nicola, i, and a few other ladies are hosting a jumble sale tomorrow.

at the flying duck from 7:30pm til 10.
free entry!

pints and vodka mixes only £1.60!

there will be lots of stalls, and lovely brewhaha will be there giving away tea, i have made chocolate cherry vegan cupcakes, and it is open mike night so there will be live music.

i am very excited! (but also exhausted!) hope you can all make it.

night xx
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i'm too sick to move [01 Aug 2010|11:35am]
ugh, lying in bed with a hangover. my god, i have to go to work at one til eight too and at the moment i feel like i will be sick on the customers. went to see performance at king tuts last night. i was already stupidly drunk by the time jenni came over. i have decided alcohol and i are no longer friends.

anyway it was one of those gigs where everyone stands at the back, except jenni and i, and some drunken guy stood RIGHT AT THE FRONT dancing like lunatics. especially me. i think i was even mouthing the words and jumping around at one point. the shame.

we missed the support band drunkenly stumbling around looking for a cash machine, and after the show i bought a demo off them. then i was so drunk i walked away and left it on the table! the singer chased after me and gave me it.

this week i have been very good and haven't had a sip of alcohol since last friday. and i went on a caffeine detox on tuesday, but after waking up on friday for the third consecutive day with a pounding headache (havng gone to sleep for the third night also with a heachahe) i gave in an had a cup of green tea. i'm going to try again next week. it's scary how addicted i am!

last saturday night was georgia's leaving do at her flat, where we had most excellent banter and i drank multiple cups of jasmine tea. i've worked the last seven days in a row doing mega hours cos one girl is off sick, but its good, london has left me so broke..

went to see inception with my sister thursday night. i loved it, obviously. anything pertaining to dreams and the unconscious is my favourite, and if you can combine that with nice suits, expensive stylish surrounding, and joseph gordon levitt's face then yr on to a winner.

its been so long now i can barely remember, but will attempt to update about the rest of my london trip.

after i left brighton i headed back to east london to see james and lucy, then i stayed with annike. it was amazing to see her, tempered with sadness because annike is someone i wish i could be around every day. we are kindred spirits. we stayed up til 4am talking. the next day we went to the victoria and albert museum to meet tom, and to see the grace kelly exhibit. i stupidly put my camera in the cloakroom so i don't have any photos, but it was a fine afternoon and we sat outside in the very plush gardens of the v & a and drank coffee.

the grace kelly exhibit was a super let down, it was the most unremarkable clothes of hers. but the architects build in small spaces was awesome!! one of the buildings was a small treehouse, which you could climb into. i would happily have sat up there all day. and there was a tower that was designed for reading. you climbed up a spiral wooden staircase and the walls were lined with books, punctuated with little cubby holes for reading.

we wandered around for about four hours, and the weather was nice when we left so we caught the bus to hyde park for a little walk/picnic.



london is a victimCollapse )

then we caught the bus back to annike's and had dinner, and tom ranted on about people he hates which is always hilarious. i stayed with annike again, and the next morning i went to carnaby street to try on the multicoloured trainers (sorry about this being the most boringly relayed entry ever. my hangover has dissolved my brain.) anyway, they didn't have the ones i wanted! the aqua and pink ones have sold out. i tried on a few of the other ones and they are amazing but i'm only going to wear trainers tbh so i might need to order them online. but i did get an amazing back pack from lazy oaf, which i'll take a picture of at some point.

okay well i am going to have to do the rest later cos i have to head off to work now...xx
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[24 Jul 2010|08:46pm]
did it twice and got this both times. hell yeah!

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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he says he wants to be an astronaut [21 Jul 2010|08:56pm]
back from london monday night. spent most of yesterday in bed sleeping off the excess and sunburn. can't be bothered to go into too much detail so am keeping it brief....

i arrived on tuesday.
met hannah daisy for dinner in food for thought. was lovely to see her.

we walked around for ages afterwards trying to find a bar that wasn't too crowded...eventually ended up in an old man pub where we bumped into jonathan. coincidence much! happy accident!

after a few hours i made a mega journey to james and chris's in clapton. was super sweet to see them both. gave james his birthday present of glass ball that is one half clock, one half compass. we ate vegan haribo and watched beyonce videos <3.

the next day i went to brighton

i love these ladies very much.






brightonCollapse )

i'll update the rest of london later...
i've eaten way too many vegan carrot cupcakes and i have an overwhelming need to get a bottle of gin....

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[28 Jun 2010|12:16am]
am so obsessed with irregular choices new trainers...am so trying them on in carnaby street when i come down in a fortnight...

torn between these (HELLO WERE YOU DESIGNED FOR ME?)

and the spaceboot number...

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