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self improvement, self importance; a bible of the self

reactionaries! ready intense! throw down your posessions!

lessons in romantic pain
make me a lethal instrument of words so deadly they will never launch a counter attack

chloe. i rely a bit too heavily on alcohol and irony.

i'm 31, scottish, queer, feminist, pisces, vegan. i make coffee, i volunteer for an addiction helpline

I live in glasgow with my partner eric, (about to be brighton) and my two rescue torties Hecate and Minerva, and our two budgies Pipes and Davos.

i studied fine art at st martins

i have no idea who i am.

i like post hardcore, caffeine, and second hand books.
alice in wonderland, american football, anais nin, angelica, asobi seksu, at the drive-in, bear hug, belle and sebastion, best fwends, braid, brand new, cap'n jazz, carole morin, cay, chromatics, circle takes the square, cocteau twins, courtney love, crashland, cross my heart, crystal castles, cursive, daria, david bowie, deathcab for cutie, denali, dinosaur jr, donnie darko, dorothy parker, douglas coupland, elastica, fanzines, feminism, fifth hour hero, freelance whales, fugazi, ghostworld, gin, glassjaw, hole, hood, hot rod circuit, hot water music, ida, idlewild, instruction, it hugs back, jawbreaker, jetplane landing, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, juno, karate, kenickie, ladytron, last days of april, lauren laverne, les savy fav, limp wrist, llama farmers, lungleg, manics, mansun, maria mckee, marion, mates of state, metronomes, mineral, minus the bear, modern life is war, morrissey, muscles, native nod, new end original, onelinedrawing, oscar wilde, photography, pink hair, pj harvey, prefab sprout, queen adreena, rainer maria, rites of spring, scarfo, shudder to think, slant 6, sleater kinney, slow club, small brown bike, sonic youth, spearmint, stapleton, starmarket, stay beautiful, suede, sufjan stevens, sunny day real estate, superchunk, tellison, the blow, the casket lottery, the copperpot journals, the dismemberment plan, the house of leaves, the junket, the krays, the lapse, the paper chase, the secret stars, the smiths, the virgin suicides, the weakerthans, this ain't vegas, truman capote, twofold, vegan, veganism, vintage, volcano i'm still excited, waxwing, xiu xiu, yo la tenga, young marble giants