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How I love film.
gorgeous pictures ~
The pictures are so pretty. I love the bed with the roses on it. I should really go on the hunt for a non point and shoot. I bet I could thrift one...
def. and i took loads of classes, which were pointless. your better off with a cheap camera, any old camera guide book you can thrift, and making lots of mistakes. it will be expensive mistakes but when you get that roll developed and there are winning shots that you didn't photoshop or alter or whatever its an unbeatable feeling. well comparable to finding that magical thrift store find, if you know what i mean?
i'm in love with these rolls! the first one is really beautiful.

Deleted comment

it is exciting, but i've developed a few twice cos they've been kicking about for so long i forgot they got developed first time around and that is SO ANNOYING. glad you like them though! x
great photos. I love this one:
thank you. sean was always my favourite person to photgraph.
oh some of these are really lovely, your bedroom is gorgeous <3
Gorgeous pictures! x
i also took a photo of those shoes up on the wires, but from the opposite side :)
they are iconic really. says so much about west princes street really....apparently the thrash band ultimate thrush live in one of the big flats and play gigs in their house constantly. when i find out about one we should go cos i am curious! also i find out my rota this weekend, for our st mungos /necro day next week so will text you xx. i'll be bringing the film camera to that actually!
love these photos, they're very pretty x
thank you. i admired all yr old photo equip but sadly i am too cash strapped for it. in an ideal world!
Love these photos Chloe! That one of the flowers - breath taking :) I want a print! ;) xxx
yay! i'm really glad you like them! i have some black and white ones in right now getting developed and its well exciting. i haven't taken b and w photos in so long!! x